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James Dolan

Conrad came over to inspect our home for Tubular Skylights.
He was informative and gave us a very fair price. He had the Skylights installed on no time.
He is very efficient. We are very happy with his work and the improved lighting in our living room.


Shea Schultze

Conrad has outfitted two of my houses with solar tubes. What a difference the light makes! Conrad is a wonderful contractor to work with. He is punctual, reasonable and truthful. Can’t ask for anything more! The next house I buy will definitely have Conrad’s solar tubes installed.


Eldon Hochstetler

Conrad’s skylight work was amazing! Efficient, thorough, and superb installation. But the really amazing thing is the skylights themselves. Wonderful daylight comes streaming into our kitchen area via two skylights strategically placed! Has transformed the feel of the space. Also have one in the master closet and a windowless bath. Resources well spent!


Pat Neyens

Several areas of our home were extremely dark, including the kitchen. We had 4 tubular skylights installed. The difference is amazing. One went in the laundry area which had no natural light. Now I can do laundry without turning on a light. We put two in the kitchen and the transformation is astounding. Conrad is very easy to work with. He made excellent suggestions. Just sorry we didn’t do this sooner.


Marita Rumph

Just had my third solartube installed. This time it is what used to be a short dark hallway. There is now so much light I almost need sunglasses to walk to the laundry room! Excellent service and good to work with. I highly recommend Conrad


The Brudvig’s

This is our second skylight installation by Conrad and we LOVE it! This has made an incredible difference in our great room. Thank you for another job well done!

Patricia Dolen

We had 2 sun tunnel skylights put in this week. What a difference it makes! Definitely saves on electricity, I always think there’s a light on in the kitchen. We love them. It is our second time of having Conrad install them for us. Now we have four!. Conrad is great, knowledgeable, super kind and friendly, he works fast and efficiently. Definitely worth getting them….☀️

Sue Burgess

Conrad came to my Villa which gets very little light in Kitchen/LR combo where I read, use my computer,cook, eat–MOST USED AREA!! Had to have lights ON even on the brightest sunlit days; gave me an estimate & as he promised came before Christmas(actually only 40 degree weather)& installed 2 14 inch tubular skylightS–NO MESS–very cordial,& MOST EFFICIENT.


Joanne Trembley

Conrad was polite, thorough and efficient. He gave us a very fair price. We are extremely pleased with his work and service.


Mr. and Ms. Stanley Urbenik

Conrad Miller Installed a 14″ Sun Tunnel in our kitchen area. We were EXTREMELY happy with it and with Conrad’s work.
P.S. We sold our home and the brightness of the Sun Tunnel helped sell the house.


Dave DeVos

“I have been selling real estate on the Plateau for 38 years and I recommend the tubular skylight to help sell homes. They are becoming increasingly popular because of the trend to install energy saving products to offset rising electricity and natural gas bills. Whenever I show a home that has a tubular skylight, say in a bathroom or dark kitchen, I always ask the people looking at the house to “turn off that light, please,” as we leave the room and its always funny when they hit the switch and see that it is not a light. They do look like lights.”
Come see an installed tubular skylight at our office located at:
Century 21 Fountain Realty LLC
3867 Peavine Rd
Crossville, TN 38571


Bob and Barbara Jackson

“I am really enjoying our tubular skylight. It is amazing how much light comes in through it, it is much brighter than I ever imagined it would be. It really brightens up the kitchen where we had it installed, and we could not be happier with it. It is so much like a light that I have caught myself trying to turn it off with the light switch several times. It also glows a bit at night, I have noticed. WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND CONRAD. HE DID A VERY NICE JOB AND THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO MESS ASSOCIATED WITH THE INSTALLATION.”


Donna and Bob Boncher

“In 1997, when we moved to our new home, we had Conrad come out and we added two Sun Tunnels, one in the kitchen and one in our laundry room, which was very dark at the time. They really made a huge difference. It made working there so much more enjoyable.”
“I think they actually help me feel better, especially in the winter. The light helps, especially Natural Light!”


Donna Bjerk

After Conrad installed my VELUX SUN TUNNEL, Its like I got a new house, it wonderful, its not like a dark cave anymore, its like a miracle…


Angie’s List

Skylight Specialist

Tubular Dome strength

Roof domes will “stand up” to hail.

Conrad demonstrates the strength of skylights installed at Uplands Village W.C. Wharton Nursing Home in Pleasant Hill, TN.

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