Tubular Skylights

sunTunnelsSUN TUNNEL™ skylights 
VELUX SUN TUNNEL skylights are ideal for smaller rooms such as closets, hallways, laundry rooms and second baths where traditional skylights are not an option. SUN TUNNEL skylight installation is simpler than skylight installation and can take as little as two hours. Call for a free estimate (931) 277-3707.


flextube tubular skylight

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Residential Skylights

VELUX skylights are designed for overhead, out-of-reach applications or for in-reach applications that do not require egress emergency escape capabilities. Skylight installation varies in complexity and cost depending on how your ceiling and roof are constructed. Call for a free estimate (931) 277-3707.


deckmount skylight

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electric curb mount skylight

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Roof Windows

VELUX roof windows are designed for in-reach applications that require egress emergency escape capabilities. Examples include above-garage bonus rooms, lofts, and finished attic spaces. Several styles and types are available.
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VELUX, the world leader in skylights, puts to excellent use our most abundant natural resource – light from above – by developing environmentally friendly products that provide and control daylight and fresh air in buildings. High-quality, energy-efficient skylights are an important part of a more environmentally friendly building, and the many benefits of natural light can have a dramatic impact on the value, appeal and comfort of any home.

And why is it important to build environmentally friendly homes?

According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC.org), a green home uses less energy, water, and natural resources than a traditional home. It also creates less waste and is healthier for the people living inside. Unfortunately, many families don’t have the opportunity to build a more energy-efficient house from the ground up, but that doesn’t mean a greener home is out of reach. Whatever your budget, there are many cost-effective upgrades and improvements capable of turning even the most inefficient dwelling into a greener, more comfortable place to live.

From compact fluorescent light bulbs to solar panels on the roof, the key to a greener home is controlling energy use. Clearly, there are many ways to do this, from simple changes in lifestyle to a range of energy-saving home improvement projects. Each home is different, and how much yours will benefit from a particular project depends on the age and design of your home, your financial situation and your personal priorities. It’s up to you to decide which energy improvements will provide the most benefits for you and your family.

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